Making the Invisible, Visible

The most complete energy monitoring & management system in the world

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. An accessible API. Eniscope is the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management. Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.

Real-time data and analytics

Eniscope provides second-by-second data for your whole building portfolio, however large or widespread. All accessible from a cloud software platform.

Cutting edge technology

Typically installed in less than 3 hours without disruption to your operation. Perfect safety record. Small, compact design with powerful features.

identify invisible energy waste

Use powerful features like automatic alarms and remote control via wireless control modules to impact on-site energy usage remotely.


Show off your performance in real-time to staff, tenants and other stakeholders with bespoke designed custom displays.

Our displays allow you to create awareness and modify behaviour by clearly, visually communicating key performance metrics, targets and progress. It’s an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to energy conservation.

These displays can be strategically positioned around a building to provide a crucial incentive to change behaviour. We can integrate leader boards and competitive aspects, to give stakeholders that extra push to make a difference (to your carbon footprint and your bills!).


ENISCOPE Testimonials

  • "In 2015 we were introduced to the Eniscope system. It gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I’ve never seen a system like it and I would recommend the Eniscope system to other companies – I’ve already recommended it internally to all seven of our countries."

  • "Having had experience with a wide range of hardware solutions in the past, I can say with confidence that Eniscope is the most innovative. The advances already made in designing a small, powerful and very easy to install product puts you at the forefront of the market."


Commercial Case Study

BEST’s partner in the Nordics – IQ Energy – have installed our energy monitoring system across every single 7-Eleven store in Denmark. The results have been remarkable.

  • 2.7m kWh saved
  • 864 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 11.52% average savings across the stores
  • Every store monitored from a single, central software platform
  • No disruption to operating on-site

It is an excellent example of the suitability of our system for the commercial market. The company behind 7-Eleven in the Nordics (Reitan Convenience) agree, and roll-outs are now ongoing in Sweden and Norway as well.

View the case study video below. 

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