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August 1, 2018

Telefónica is the seventh-largest telephone operating company in the world by total revenue ($74.4 B USD) with operations in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America. 

The details associated with ABATE’s new major sustainability project will be shared very soon. 

CAFAM LaFloresta


July 13, 2018

CAFAM is Colombia’s largest compensation fund organization with close to 8,000 employees and operations in health, pharmaceutical, education, housing, tourism, recreation, and insurance. CAFAM provides services to 45,000 companies and their combined 850,000 employees. 

CAFAM’s challenge, how to implement a successful sustainability program with such a large organization dispersed across a large portfolio of operations. CAFAM issued a RFQ and engaged several service providers who could provide energy management solutions.

On July 13, 2018, ABATE was notified that we were selected to deliver the sustainability solution described in our proposal to CAFAM. At the heart of our solution is the operation of a PSC (Productivity and Sustainability Center). The PSC  will be located in CAFAM’s FLORESTA shopping center located in Bogota, Colombia.  

ABATE’s 5 year contract will focus on the delivery of a holistic sustainability solution. Our team will work on the areas of culture (employee engagement), value stream efficiency, digital integration, and technology to ensure CAFAM has the most successful sustainability program possible. 


September 21, 2017 

When HEMATITE began their energy conservation journey, their biggest challenge was determining how to select the right service provider in an industry filled with so many so called experts. 

Our team suggested to HEMATITE’s leadership that there was an Elephant in the Room, trust! We recommended that the first step in their journey was to gain control of their energy data with the use of a real-time EnMS (Energy Management System). After demonstrating the power of our EnMS, the ENISCOPE, Hematite’s team could see the power of making something traditionally invisible (energy) visible. 

September of 2017, Hematite was recognized by their energy provider, Brantford Power for saving 1.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity, or $193,439 annually. The savings is equivalent to the hydro used by 200 homes per year. 

ABATE continues to work with this Hematite plant and others to provide new solutions and the latest technology to support their sustainability efforts. 

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