ISO 20001 – 50001 – 55001



When it comes to an ISO International Standard Certification, there is a choice of self-declaration or certification. That choice should be evaluated very closely because of the direct and indirect cost associated with certification.

For ISO 20001 (service management), 50001 (energy management) and 55001 (asset management), ABATE can help you achieve your self-declaration or certification goals better, faster, and cheaper. 

September 3, 2018, ABATE will launch ISOLive 50001. This integrated software program will reduce the management time for ISO by over 70%. ABATE’s EnMS, the ENISCOPE, will send data, reports and public display information directly to ISOLive 50001. Later in 2018, ISOLive 20001 and 55001 will be launched.

Even if you have no desire to implement an ISO program, the need to use a formal management system to achieve sustainability success is mandatory. With ABATE, to improve your sustainability performance, you can take advantage of our continuous improvement expertise, which is the management system model for all ISO standards.

Would you like to have your cake and eat it too?